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Monthly Archives: November 2004

Building shapes in the air

“There’s a time, there’s a season,
When the world starts again.
And for no other reason,
Than the dream in our brain.
Sing a tune for the tower,
Sing a song for the stair.
Sing-a-ling for the power,
Tracing shapes in the air.
We will build on the bridges (go!).
We will build on the heights (go!).
We will build through the daytime (go!),
And the [...]

Cityscape poetics

From Black Mountain College to St. Mark’s Church: The Cityscape Poetics of Blackburn, di Prima, and Oppenheimer by Burt Kimmelman
116th street fish smells, pinpoint la marqueta
up under the park avenue, filigreed, viaduct
elevated tracks
where graffitied trains run over language
there is a pandemonium of gumbo colors sitting up
jambalaya rhythms
spanish harlem, erupting
street vendors on timbale sidewalks
where the truth [...]

Lost in space

(cross-posted at plsj)
In browsing Matt Webb’s always interesting mini links, I’m reminded of Bill Hillier’s theories on space syntax.
“Space is a lawful thing,” Hillier says. I cringe. Space is the machine. I cringe again.
Hillier and Hanson were very popular when I worked as an archaeologist, although I found [...]

I am curious (BLACK)!

DC Comic’s Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #106
“The story begins with Lois assigned to do a story on Metropolis’s urban area that Lois refers to Little Africa. It seems that all black people refuse to submit to an interview done by Miss Whitey. Young children, old blind ladies, and even people on the street hate [...]

City and self

Self and the City: An Exploration of Post-1945 Architecture, Urbanism and Identity
Friday 19 November – Saturday 20 November
Tate Modern
“This is the first conference devoted to the relationship between architecture and selfhood. Selfhood as a concept is familiar to philosophers and social scientists if less so to those involved in architecture. As an approach [...]