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Monthly Archives: October 2004

Happy Halloween

Knitted Things
by Karla Kuskin
There was a witch who knitted things:
Elephants and playground swings.
She knitted rain,
She knitted night,
But nothing really came out right.
The elephants had just one tusk
And night looked more
Like dawn or dusk.
The rain was snow
And when she tried
To knit an egg
It came out fried.
She knitted birds
With buttonholes
And twenty rubber butter rolls.
She knitted blue angora [...]

Sub-rational connections between mobility and technology

The Temporary Travel Office
“The Travel Office provides services relating to tourism, technology and art. The mission of the Office is to identify sub-rational connections between mobility and technology, producing events and artifacts that might materilize such relationships for various publics.”
Ryan Griffis’ projects include tourist kits that contain emergency ponchos printed with definitions of “Invasive [...]

Of maps and territories

A Map Larger Than the Territory (via)
“A web application that enables participants to represent their paths across the city using images, texts and sounds. Territory here is not a piece of land enclosed within borders but an interlocking network of lines or ways through. The map materialises and connects individual trajectories.”
Photographs and words of Dennis [...]


“Suburbs are bland, right? They’re boring, monotonous, devoid of life and culture: homogeneous.
Nope. Not on the last count, at least. Suburbia is becoming increasingly diverse. More and more middle-class immigrants are skipping traditional ethnic enclaves and heading straight for the boonies, where strip malls are now filled with ethnic businesses, bubble-tea parlours dot the [...]


Moving into a mid 1960s suburban development is a shock to the nervous system for someone not used to it. I live where Ray and Charles Eames’ dream went off the rails. The automobiles and houses are of a piece – all vinyl, aluminum and electroplate. Flatness reigns in facades. But [...]