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Monthly Archives: September 2004

Arts of the virtual

Arts of the Virtual: Poetic Inquiries into Time, Space and Motion September 30 – October 2, 2004 University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA “Digital technology has spawned new spaces, processes and forms that offer exciting possibilities for creative research and scientific investigation. Through the exploration of these realms, emerge new ways of conceptualizing ourselves: […]

Deep places

Institute for the Future New Geography: Strategies for Deep Place October 6-7, 2004 “Imagine this: As you move about the physical world, you can access not only what you can see with a naked eye but also multiple layers of previously invisible information-annotations left by friends, colleagues, and complete strangers; data about those who live […]

Charles Gordon – in memoriam

Today we mark the passing of Charles Gordon, a pioneer of society-environment relations, the sociology of architectural professions and interdisciplinary research. For years, he held a cross-appointment in the School of Architecture and in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Carleton University, Ottawa. Much of his energy focused on teaching, often by anecdote. He […]

The fragmentary

Mary Daniel Hobson – Mapping the Body “I am interested in what lies beneath the surface of the skin. It is not the physical structures that concern me – ligaments, organs, bones. Rather it is the emotions and experiences that are imprinted on our bodies – the places we travel, the music we listen to, […]

Rethinking public space, people and technology

From MIT’s Interrogative Design Group: Dis-Armor Project “Dis-Armor is the newest in a series of psychocultural prosthetic equipment designed to meet the communicative need of the alienated, traumatized, and silenced residents of today’s cities… It is designed for particular individuals among [Japanese] urban youth who have survived overwhelming life events (violence, neglect, and abuse) and […]