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Monthly Archives: August 2004

A Picture’s Worth

David Chin’s wonderful A Picture’s Worth project “aims to highlight the emotions and memories that can be triggered by a photograph. By inspiring people to bring out the ‘true’ meaning or story behind a personal photograph, A Picture’s Worth provides a haven for people to show and tell. In line with the idea that a […]

Everywhere spaces

Clone Town Britain: the loss of local identity on the nation’s high streets (PDF) This report launches a national survey to find out why the places that we live and shop seem to be turning into clone towns… The modern British high street supposedly provides all things for all people: big brand outlets selling the […]

In-between and away

With Rob moving to Edmonton to start his new position as Tory Chair at the University of Alberta and me taking a break, the rest of the month will continue to be a quiet around here. Enjoy the warmth and brightness of summer and see you soon.

Maps, maps and more maps

I recently picked up a copy of the absolutely wonderful You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination Also spotted: Illusions, Confusions and Delusions: Mythical Geography in Antique Maps (via) Social Design Notes on Green Map Systems Globes painted from memory and maps drawn from memory (via)

The story continues

Via cityofsound, Justin O’Connor’s Shanghai Diary #2 …The Forbidden City is in fact a city, not just a palace complex. And there is a sense there, an hour’s drive from the Great Wall, of Planet China. It is a capital established by invaders – Genghis Khan et al – and adopted by the next two […]