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Monthly Archives: July 2004

Urban / Social Tapestries

The latest from Proboscis‘ Urban Tapestries and Social Tapestries projects: Social Tapestries: public authoring and civil society (pdf) by Giles Lane Social Tapestries is a two year research project developing experimental uses of public authoring to demonstrate the social and cultural benefits of local knowledge sharing enabled by new mobile technologies. These playful and challenging […]

"The city is difficult to read"

Over at cityofsound, Dan Hill has posted some stories and photos of Shanghai by Justin O’Connor, Director of the Manchester Institute for Popular Culture: I give a lecture on Manchester – shock city – trying to evoke the newness of the city, of its unprecedented growth, its raw energy, the brutal but exhilarating power of […]

Collaboration as Urban Culture

I’ve just joined a Banff New Media Institute workgroup on Collaboration as Cultural Expression. As Karen Parker put it, the group aims to: Set the parameters and case study analysis of the design and use of collaborative tools within specific cultural contexts such as game design, open source or hacker communities, mobile/nomadic communities. The determining […]

Amish in the City

Last night I watched the premier of the latest in reality-tv: Amish in the City. The show received some publicity before airing because of protests by US congressmen and others who felt the show could only exploit the Amish people. As it turns out, it is most definitely the non-Amish who seem backwards and close-minded. […]

Lost in Space?

The BBC reports that China is to start scouting its high schools next year to find candidates to be the country’s first woman in space. But it might not be the giant leap for gender equality they had been hoping for. Earlier reports have already laid out the division of labour clearly, saying the first […]