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Monthly Archives: May 2004

A sadly obvious, but genuine, attempt at recruitment

Each time I read Rod McLaren’s weblog, Rodcorp, I think that he should be blogging for space and culture. Lovers of non-spaces will surely enjoy The Airport of Crossed Destinies and Terminal zero. And if you’ve ever seen beauty in ruin and decay (and really, who hasn’t?) then Fragments, quotations, unfinished sentences, amputated stumps of […]

The Greening of German Modernist Architecture and Urban Planning

Grune Gemeinschaft: The Greening of German Modernist Architecture and Urban Planning (pdf). Leberecht Migge, Bruno Taut, Hannes Meyer and Ernst May viewed through an Ecological Lens by Molly Steenson When considering modernist architecture, chances are, the images that come to mind are those of rectilinear, functionalist buildings, I-beams, envelope corners, and a “form follows function” […]

[CTRL] Conference

McGill University, Montreal – October 22-23, 2004 The [CTRL] Controlling Bodies/Controlling Spaces conference is a timely intervention which aims to foster critical dialogue interrogating emergent modes and methods of control and their impact on individuals, institutions and intellectual thought. Call for Papers In the face of emergent forms of control, what theories, praxes, and tactics […]

The Stata Center: Architecture, History and Power

The new Ray and Maria Stata Center for Computer, Information and Intelligence Sciences is part of MIT’s evolving campus building initiative: “The Institute recognizes that, as one of the world’s preeminent problem solvers, it must perpetually reinvent itself.” In the case of the Stata Center, this reinvention involved taking down Building 20 – a.k.a. the […]

The map has been overwritten many times

Giles Turnbull’s notes on a public lecture on Wiltshire’s place names: Place name study has boobytraps – place names are problematic for researchers. They suffer because people love to make sense of them, and in doing so obscure them. Makes me think of Lamb’s Conduit Street in London, along which I imagined flocks of lambs […]