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Monthly Archives: April 2004

A rainy day’s architecture round-up

Rodcorp: How simply and recognisably can we draw buildings?
City of Sound: Sketches of Gehry’s Guggenheim
Things Magazine: Buildings as Logotypes

Missing in London

Unfortunately I haven’t yet had a chance to get together with Dan Hill, and if I knew his number, I would have invited him to dinner with Rob and I last night – especially given these recent posts at City of Sound that would have stimulated some damn fine conversation:
What’s wrong with modern [...]

Outside In

Outside In – Emerging Expressions. Interventions. And Participation In Public Space.
June 14-15th, 2004 at Roda Sten in Goteborg, Sweden.
Now accepting submissions for some awesome-sounding workshops.


Yesterday the BBC reported plans to ring two favelas (slums) in Rio de Janeiro with a three-metre (10-foot) wall in an effort to control unlimited expansion and drug-trafficking.
Viva Favela: news by and for favela communities, em portuguese.
Favela Tour: “Beneficial to the Community. Informative and Surprising. Not voyeuristic at all.”
Favela Faces: “a [...]

Reinventing Urbanism

Shrinking Cities – Reinventing Urbanism Competition 2004 (detailed pdf)
Shrinking cities are a cultural challenge to us. In the Shrinking Cities project, architects, academics and artists investigate recent developments in Detroit, Ivanovo, Manchester / Liverpool and Halle / Leipzig – and make suggestions.
What constitutes a city, if it can no longer be experienced as a [...]