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Monthly Archives: March 2004

The Patersons of Paterson

My mother’s mother’s mother’s family came from Paterson. I’ve never been there, but it has that status, you know, of a place for me to visit one day. My great great great grandparents left to join the tide of Loyalists moving north to New Brunswick. Its a genealogical place, somewhere that I [...]

Everyday life at work

Working in Paterson: Occupational Heritage in an Urban Setting
I always thought that work is never just work…
Welcome to Paterson, New Jersey, cradle of the Industrial Revolution in America and the largest silk manufacturing center in the nation. Here you can see and listen to the people who take care of nails and [...]

Soft cities and voluptuous bits

Elizabeth Sikiaridi and Frans Vogelaar
The emerging space of digital information/communication flows is modifying traditional analog urban networks. These “virtual” spaces (Internet, telephone, television) are influencing and interacting with “real” urban places. This interaction process between information/communication networks and the urban environments is [...]

The Meaning of Place

The Meaning of Place: Technological imagination and human experience
Intel Research Forum and Seminar, September 9-10, 2003
New technologies are reconfiguring our relationship to the places we inhabit. With the near ubiquitous presence of cell phones in many cities, the rise of wireless networks, hybrid games, the use of geographical information systems, and the emergence of [...]

I shop, you shop, we shop

Fabulous post by Chris Heathcote on shopping malls
+ plus
Matt Jones’ Post-user, post-consumer
Paul Ford on consumerism and such
Ideas Bazaar’s I consume therefore I am not…
Jean Burgess’ Consumption is [not] a Dirty Word