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Risk Takers or a New Art Form?

A recent interview by Melissa Yue on Parcour, an art for using the city differently, for CKCU-FM Ottawa Canada. If “Sous les paves, la plage” (Situationniste May 68 slogan), then on and around buildings, a playground.

‘Tis also the lecturing season: Rob gave a talk in honour of the 10th anniversary of the Cultural Stuides program at Univ. of North Carolina Chapel Hill in March, look for a paper here on Lefebvre’s Urban Blanks, Blind Fields and Dark Moments soon! The next public talk is at University of Alberta on “The Significance of Place to Culture” (Telus Bldg 134) 3:30 Tues. Mar. 30 with a few images… (to be continued)