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Monthly Archives: March 2004

Risk Takers or a New Art Form?

A recent interview by Melissa Yue on Parcour, an art for using the city differently, for CKCU-FM Ottawa Canada. If “Sous les paves, la plage” (Situationniste May 68 slogan), then on and around buildings, a playground. ‘Tis also the lecturing season: Rob gave a talk in honour of the 10th anniversary of the Cultural Stuides […]

Cruising spaces

Lowrider Cruising Spaces (pdf) by Ben Chappell Lowriders are cars customized and driven in U.S. cities mostly by Mexican Americans in the southwest. In this paper I will argue that lowriding is a space-making practice, and interpretation that draws attention to several aspects of the car as a focus for cultural activity and social relations. […]

Cities and (space)time signatures

Dan Hill points to Walter Hood on landscape architecture: “I’m interested in how the everyday mundane practices of life get played out in cities, the unheralded patterns that take place without celebration,” he said. “There’s a structure to cities, a 4/4 beat. Designing is like improvisation, finding a sound for each place.” I’m fascinated by […]

"Further into this thicket of public space and private and the slippages between how we understand them…"

Adam Greenfield on hospitality space and the home Update 21/03/04: Thomas Angermann points to Ether – Immaterial Culture and the Architecture of Self-Negation And Matt Jones free-associates Rob’s Visualicity

A Slipping Glimpser

What makes the urban available to the gaze? Cities are an example of phenomena too extensive in scale to be empirically visible to the human eye in one glance, yet are taken on a sort of visual faith which makes the overall unseeable city part of what Taussig calls a ‘public secret’. Its Visualicity transcends […]