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Monthly Archives: February 2004

Sleepy City

Sleepy City: Urban Exploration The city sprawls in all directions, a hectic mass infecting the earth it rests on. The buildings reach upwards and the root like tunnels burrow below. Citizens run madly, never considering the back alleys, tunnels and buildings of yesteryear. However these are places that, if you recognise them, hide the history […]


Interesting article in the NY Times today on the basement apartment: The vertical nature of New York City has long helped define its image, with families stacked on top of each other and penthouse apartments reaching the clouds. But for generations, tens of thousands of people have made do with another New York reality – […]

Paris: Invisible City

I’ve finally had a chance to take a look at Bruno Latour’s new virtual book – Paris: Invisible City – a Flash-based “sociological web opera.” I especially enjoyed the section on proportioning or scale which – vaguely reminiscent of the Eames’ work on Powers of Ten, zooming from fingers tapping on keyboards to the immensity […]

City Sounds

Apologies for cross-posting… Interesting little Wired news article Radio Takes Music From the Street looks at The Next Big Thing in New York and Traffic Island Disks in London – radio programmes that make public what people are listening to privately. I definitely like the idea of urban soundscapes, and shows like these create interesting […]

Hybrid cities

Vernacular ecologies in/for a convivial city: lessons from Bristol (pdf) Sarah Whatmore, Monica Degen, Steve Hinchliffe and Matthew Kearnes This article critically investigates the practices and politics of everyday urban life, specifically with the intent of drawing out a sense of collectivity – or what the authors call conviviality – between humans and non-humans. In […]