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Monthly Archives: January 2004

Hertzian Waves

Invisible topographies (2004) by Usman Haque Mobile phones are not only communication tools, but also sensors of the invisible electromagnetic environment that surrounds us, making us aware of what has been called “hertzian” space. London-based architect Usman Haque, who designs interactive architecture systems and researches how people relate to each other and their spaces, introduces […]

Innovating public space

FUSEDSPACE – an international design competition – calls for innovative ideas that, by means of existing technologies, can change or improve our existing relationship with physical public space or that can otherwise bring about innovations in the public domain. (via v-2)

Cities of Sound

Paul Burns sends word of Punch Records‘ What is Urban? project: “The overall aim of What is Urban? is to encourage creative thinking and learning through the use of popular music & the creative industries. Taking the growth of the term ‘Urban Music’ as its starting point, this project will examine the conceptions of urbanism […]

Towering monuments, urban folds and hidden histories

23 cent stories is an open-ended experiment in emergent narrative. “If a city is an infinite vessel of memory and desire, then the postcard imprinted with its image serves as a distillation of those ineffable quantities into a singular, poetic totem – paragraph length and, for the modest price of a stamp, distantly transmittable. With […]

Space and performativity

Alan Read’s edited volume, Architecturally Speaking: Practices of Art, Architecture and the Everyday. (Feel free to contact Routledge about that path!) Ewan Forster and Christopher Heighes: innovative and unusual theatre events in and about intriguing and neglected architecture in Britain. – “a site for research into performance, architecture and location. an encounter between performance, […]